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About ErgoScience

The ErgoScience FCE is a research-developed and fully validated measurement tool available to accurately and objectively measure an individual’s physical capabilities.

Using standardised tasks, verbal instructions and a proprietary scoring system with proven reliability and validity, the ErgoScience FCE can defensibly predict the ability to meet the demands of an 8-hour/40 hour week.  With a proven track record of defensibility in court, the ErgoScience FCE supports rapid and effective return to work, case resolution, vocational assessment and disability determination.

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What are FCE’s? How are they utilized?

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive battery of performance-based tests that is used commonly to determine ability for work, activities of daily living or leisure activities. An FCE is a detailed examination and evaluation that objectively measures the evaluee’s current level of function. Measurements of function from an FCE are used to make return-to-work (activity) decisions, disability determinations or to design rehabilitation plans. An FCE measures the ability of an individual to perform functional or work-related tasks and predicts the potential to sustain these tasks over a defined time frame. This supports tertiary prevention by preventing needless disability or activity restrictions.*

*GUIDELINES: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PHYSICAL THERAPY: EVALUATING FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY BOD 10-08-01-01 [Retitled: Occupational Health Guidelines: Evaluating Functional Capacity, Amended BOD G11-01-07-11;BOD 03-01-16-54; BOD 03-00-25-60; BOD 11-97-16-53]

What’s different about ErgoScience’s FCE?

The ErgoScience FCE is the only research-developed and fully validated measurement tool available to accurately and objectively measure an individual’s physical capabilities. Our patented scoring system takes clinical guesswork out of determining an overall level of work, projecting performance for an 8-hour day and determining sincerity-of-effort. ErgoScience FCEs can only be performed by health professionals who have completed a training course consisting of 24 hours of instruction, and have demonstrated their competency by passing a series of examinations.

ErgoScience has one of the largest clinic networks in the industry, comprised of over 850 clinics, located both domestically in the U.S. and internationally. Interested in purchasing a license to perform the ErgoScience FCE? Currently, ErgoScience offers two systems, depending up whether you want to focus exclusively on FCE or if you want to engage in job analysis and post-offer screening as well.


Industry Application

Industry Application


How ErgoScience is used to help Employers

Hire Smart

with comprehensive pre-hire physical abilities testing

Return Workers to Their Positions

in a Safe and Timely Manner
through post-injury testing and treatment

Build a Safer Workplace

with ergonomic assessment

Retain a Capable Workforce

with post-hire testing

Quantify the Physical Requirements of your Jobs

with detailed job analysis

Minimize Employee Injury

via proper employee training

Insurance Companies

How ErgoScience is used to help Insurance Companies

Functional Capacity Evaluation

with a proprietary scoring system that’s validated through peer-reviewed research, and, perhaps most importantly, defensible in court.

Impairment Rating

based on the AMA’s Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, complete the picture of an employee injury and are essential for case closure.

Ergonomic Assessment

coming together in proactive and reactive ergonomic assessments to help workplaces—and employees—work more healthfully over time, reducing the potential for long-term claims.

Return to Work Screens

a quick screen is a smart screen. ErgoScience has it down to a science to help prevent the case resolution times

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