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Course Description

The ErgoScience FCE is a research-developed and fully validated measurement tool available to accurately and objectively measure an individual’s physical capabilities

Insurance carriers

ErgoScience helps insurance carriers make accurate and objective return-to-work and disability determinations through validated, defensible functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments and impairment ratings.


ErgoScience helps healthcare providers better serve patients, employees, employers and insurance carriers through software and training in functional testing, job analysis, impairment rating and injury prevention.


ErgoScience helps employers hire better, create a more productive workforce and a safer workplace through a comprehensive suite of injury prevention and rehabilitation services.

Presented by: Andy Mills (UK)

CPD Points: 25

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Next Courses

Next Courses

Introduction to Occupational Health

Presented by: Lyndsey Swart
CPD Points: 8

18 October

Quantitative Job Demands Analysis (QJDA) Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT).

Presented by: Deborah Lechner
CPD Points: 16
Date: 15-16 August 2019

Personal Injury Case Management

Presented by: Alison Crosbie and Kirsten Du Toit Occupational Therapists and Case Managers

CPD Points: 16
Date: Date to be announced


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Plain Ergo 1200
ErgoScience Refresher
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Centurion Golf Estate, Pretoria

ErgoScience FCE Refresher Presented by: Andy Mills (UK) CPD Points: 7 Requirement: Completed the ErgoScience Course All Certified ErgoScience Clinicians are invited to join us for a Refresher Day with...

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